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Promotional Products & Custom Apparel

Promotional Products & Custom Apparel

Promotional Products & Custom ApparelPromotional Products & Custom Apparel

Promotional Products

What are promotional products?

The pen you accidentally forgot to give back to the teller at the bank? Promotional product. The disposable coffee cup from Dunkin? Promotional product. Those free koozies, t-shirts or frisbees that are given out at your favorite festival or concert? All of them are promotional products. 

The world we live in surrounds us with branded promotional items every single day. They are a very important component of any marketing strategy and should be handled with much consideration. Our team has over 26 years of experience in this industry. We can tell you which products last, which products make the biggest impact, which custom products  your logo will look the best on along with many other questions you may have. 

Promotional products are an investment in your brand, just like any other advertising medium. A company or organization should place a large amount of consideration into choosing the correct products to represent their brand and represent it well. 

Promotional products are an advertising medium that engages multiple senses at one time. A coffee mug can picked up, your logo can be seen and the user can taste and smell the coffee. 

Promotional products are a fun and functional way to get your brand out in the world. Done correctly, branded items can help bring happiness to your customers, target audience and employees. 

We supply our customers with promotional products for events, trade-show swag, thank you gifts, incentive programs, holiday gifts, general promotions, employee wearables, gift shops, sporting events, races and so on. We have an absolutely huge selection of product suppliers at our fingertips. If you can dream it up, we can put your logo on it. 

At nePROMO we pride ourselves on providing high quality promotion items and products to our customers. We want to help you represent your brand in a fun and professional way. Call us today at (518) 793-1024 to speak with one of our promotional professionals today. 

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